Take me through the fire.
Refine me, define me, confine me to You.
Even in the heat of life, in the wind and the storms,
I know I am safe when I’m in your arms.
When words are not enough,
When I am too broken to speak,
When my legs are too tired & my hands are too weak,
Be I Am.
There is a peace unknown that cannot be described,
There is a medicine so strong it cannot be prescribed.
There is a place so sacred no man has fully understood,
There is a Rock so strong, that cannot be moved thru the flood.
There is I Am.
When I lost my way,
I Am brought me home.
When I had no friend in sight,
I Am said I’m not alone.
When I was grieving
I Am gave me comfort & rest
When I went through trials,
I Am passed the test
When all around me was darkness,
I Am was my light
When I was in battle,
I AM won the fight.

It is not my works that bring me to victory,
It is not my eyes that cause me to see,
It is not my power that increases my strength,
It is not my love that gives perfect grace.
But it is in Him that I am,
It is in His hand that I am.
It is in His spirit that I am.
By Him, For Him, With Him,
Through Him, I AM.
Whatever you are facing,
Bring it to I AM.
Whatever you are needing, place it in the hands of I AM.
In I AM, you are free
In I AM you are strong
In I AM you are a warrior
In I AM you are beautiful
In I AM you are worthy
In I AM you are rich
In I AM you are healthy
In I AM you are complete

Without I AM
You are nothing
We are nothing
So we approach Him Boldly
We surrender wholly
We admit our worthlessness
And we put on His righteousness
We put off the old man and become someone new
We put away false things
And we put on truth
We get on our knees and confess
That we want to be made more like Him and be made like us less.
Who is I AM?
I AM is the one who formed you with his hands.
Jehovah Jireh,
More than enough.
Perfect Father,
Everlasting Love.
Generous Giver,
Gentle Friend.
Spirit of God, Son of man,
You Are.
You Were.

"You will only be remembered by the problems you solve or the problems you create.."

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